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Flexdrive: The New Way to Car

Today, Flexdrive is a vehicle subscription program that gives you the flexibility to find a car, choose a subscription length, and pay for it hassle-free — all through a simple mobile app. Tomorrow, Flexdrive is the future of mobility.



Product Background

What is Car Subscription?

If you think about it, the automotive industry hasn’t changed much since they found a model that worked. Build vehicles and then let independent dealers do the dirty work. And it is dirty work. No one likes the hassle of buying or leasing a car. But what choice do we have? That’s where Flexdrive comes in. Flexdrive does the dirty work and gives you the freedom to enjoy the drive. Find a car, select a subscription length, pay one fee that covers everything and get out there and drive. Pretty simple. I bet you wish you had thought of it!

New Service, New Market

Flexdrive is a startup that wants to change the automotive industry one happy customer at a time. That means doing the leg work to find a new model that fits the needs of the consumer. But the consumer isn’t the only customer that Flexdrive has. They work closely with independent dealers to provide a simple business model that drives their revenue up in unexpected ways. Flexdrive is a new service for everyone involved and the future of mobility lies at the intersection of technology, forward-thinking dealers, and hungry customers.

Based on a true story.

Based on a true story.

Involvement & Contribution

In the early summer evening of 2017 I got a LinkedIn message from the last client I worked with at my last agency job. It had been several years and two startups since we last spoke. He said he needed my help. Since we last worked together he had founded a startup, developed an app, and a year or so later proven that the concept of car subscription was ready to go big. It was time to revamp the original app and get started on the next big thing for Flexdrive.

I was onboard after a phone call and started working closely with the Flexdrive team to conceptualize and design their next move.

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Design Challenge

How do we update an experience that challenges the old ways of the automotive industry, provides the consumer with a premium experience, and provides flexibility for a car subscription startup? Oh, and do it quickly!

Product Concept

Create an experience that lowers the barrier of entry, communicates clearly to the customer, and is based on a modular design system.

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Streamline the Application Process

To become a part of the new way to car, Flexdrive has only a few simple requirements. But the previous version of the app was structured in such a way that it really didn’t feel that way. A user would need to create an account and profile, provide identification through a 3-step upload process, add a credit card, and agree to the terms of service, then submit an application. For the new version of Flexdrive the number of requirements didn’t change, but how and when you were asked for them did. We only asked users for information when we needed it. Therefore we allowed customers to enjoy more of the experience before they had to commit. This resulted in a significant increase of customer sign-ups.


Creating a Modular System

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The Dashboard

A Flexdrive subscription is a living thing. One day you are looking for a vehicle and the next you are driving it. When your subscription is coming to a close Flexdrive wants to give you a little reminder that you can keep driving it or drop it off. Flexdrive wants to be flexible, so why shouldn’t the experience reflect that? That’s why we created the Flexdrive dashboard. It’s a dynamic, all-purpose screen for the most important information that a user might need depending on their status as a guest, potential member, driver, and beyond.


The Action Center

Because the epicenter of the application was dynamic, the actions the user would need to take needed to be as well. When a customer is browsing vehicles they need a quick way to subscribe. But once they are subscribed that action becomes useless. To provide for the changing status of a user we created the Action Center. The Action Center floats over the dashboard and provides the user with contextual actions that are easy to find. We don’t want a user to be asking how they access something, we want to anticipate their needs and provide for it up front

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Putting it Together

The dynamic dashboard and action center provide Flexdrive with a scalable framework for the future and a functional interface for the customer. When Flexdrive released the new version of their experience we were pleasantly surprised by the absence of app store comments begging for the old experience. Sometimes the most positive outcome is the one you never even hear about.

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