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Wee Golf: Let's Play!

Wee Golf is a golfing platform that guides parents through introducing the game of golf to children ages 3-10. Wee Golf takes parents and children out on to the course for a guided day of golf. It equips parents with fun teaching tools and children with a golfing adventure to complete with their family.



Product Background


The golf industry reports an alarming decline in interest. They know that they need to attract new players but they simply don't know how. There is a missed opportunity when parents are choosing activities for their children and golf doesn't even come up as an option. How can golf become a part of the conversation? 


Wee Golf wants to bring a playful edge to the game of golf for young children. Golf isn't just a game, it's an adventure. Wee Golf makes it easy to choose golf as an activity that children can enjoy with their family by providing tools for parents and fun for kids.


Involvement & Contribution

I knew nothing about golf. But getting to learn about it and create something fun with it was an opportunity I did not want to pass up. And it's not always about the product. The team behind the product was the biggest reason I joined. I had worked with several of the team members at a previous job and wanted the chance to work on something of our own together, see what happened, and have a great time doing it.

This product was a challenge because we were tasked with making a game out of a game — or as our CEO put it,  "gamefy" the golf experience. To do that I conceptualized several different experiences and with the team worked out the delivery logic and reward systems for each one. It was also important to create an experience that spoke to kids so we worked hard to create a cast of characters that children of all types could relate to. Myself and the other member of the design team iterated on a number of physical and software products.



How do you create an immersive golf adventure that teaches kids the basics of golf that's easy for parents and fun for kids?


A golf platform that engages parents and kids with monthly adventures that gives parents the tools they need and kids the fun they want.



Discovery Process Work


Character Development


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